U.S. Biotech Sources, LLC, fully operational in 2000, focuses on both drug discovery and biochemical reagent development. We use cutting-edge technology to develop advanced anti-cancer drugs. Our biotechnology team, in collaboration with our European partners, creates high quality easy-to-use biological reagents for life science research. Our protein purification columns, DNA and RNA purification kits, SuperPure Agarose, and other biological reagents are widely used by research laboratories at the University of California-Berkeley, Davis, and San Francisco campuses, and other universities and biotech industries in the U.S. and Asian countries.

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Protein Purification Products

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Featured Products

SuperPure™ Agar,

Bacteriological Grade, powder, granulated

SuperPure™ Agarose LE,

Molecular Biology Grade

SuperSieve™ 3:1 Agarose,

molecular biology grade

Yeast Extract,

powder, granulated


Bacteriological Grade

Culture Media Pre-Mix

Miller LB Broth (Luria Broth)

Lennox LB Broth (LB Broth)

Miller LB Agar (Luria Agar)

Lennox LB Agar (LB Agar)